CIMB TrustCapital
CIMB-TrustCapital Advisors Singapore Pte Ltd ("CIMB TrustCapital") is a joint venture company established in Singapore between CIMB RE and TrustCapital Advisors.
CIMB RE holds 60 per cent. of the share capital of CIMB TrustCapital with the remaining 40 per cent. held by the management and team. The Investment Manager's fund management business incorporates wholesale property funds, property syndicates, and real estate advisory services targeted primarily at the commercial office and retail sectors in selected Australasian real estate markets.
CIMB TrustCapital is the holding company of CIMB-TCA Australia Pty Ltd, an investment management entity established in Australia.

Investment Objective
The primary objective of CIMB TrustCapital is to establish Funds outside of Malaysia that generate attractive risk-adjusted returns from a high quality portfolio of real estate assets. As Investment Manager, CIMB TrustCapital will actively manage the portfolio with the aim of providing a regular income stream over the holding period of the assets, and maximising capital gains at the end of the life of a Fund.

CIMB TrustCapital’s inaugural fund – AOF1 – is focused on commercial office assets in the core Australian real estate markets of Sydney, Melbourne (primary markets), Canberra and Brisbane (secondary markets).


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